How To Make A Gas Mask Bong In 4 Easy Steps

Wanting to get substantial in a rush? Then you have to know how you can make a gas mask bong! This effortless tutorial will walk you through the steps needed to make your gas mask bong employing resources it is likely you curently have lying down all around your residence.

4 Techniques To Make A Gas Mask Bong

Move #01: Collect Your Resources:

You’ll need a plastic-type bottle, a dish, some duct tape, and your marijuana.

Phase #02: Lower The Container In Two:

After you have your entire components gathered, it’s time to start on creating your bong. Step one is to reduce the plastic-type container by 50 % using a distinct knife or pair of scissors. Be very careful when you are performing this, as you don’t wish to lower oneself about the sharp ends of the plastic material. Once the bottle is cut in two, throw apart the very best half whilst keeping the base one half – and this is what we’ll use to help make our bong.

Stage #03: Create A Golf hole In The Package:

After that, you have to come up with a opening in the bottle. This hole will be employed to hold the dish of your respective bong, so make it adequate enough that the bowl can fit snugly inside. You can use a sharp blade or even a drill with this move. If you’re utilizing a knife, take care not to cut yourself around the razor-sharp edges of your plastic.

Phase #04: Connect The Container:

As you now use a opening in your container, it’s time for you to affix the pan. Initially, get your duct tape and cover it across the hole’s side to generate a close off. This will assist prevent any marijuana smoke cigarettes from escaping. After that, put the container into the hole and utilize more duct adhesive tape to secure it. Lastly, ensure the bowl is firmly linked thus it doesn’t drop when working with your bong.


And that’s it! You now know how to create a gas mask bong. This straightforward tutorial may be used to create a easy and quick method of getting higher very quickly. Thanks for looking at!


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